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When you’re responsible for a large-scale infrastructure project, generic equipment and basic contracting services just won’t do. You need an expert who not only has the tools to finish the job, but who also has plenty of experience completing projects on the same scale. Walser Contracting Ltd. meets those criteria.

If you need heavy concrete cutting or coring services for your Edmonton project, our team provides reliable solutions. We have the knowledge and equipment to deliver quality results, and we’ll treat you with professionalism throughout the process. Whether your project involves steel structures, industrial facilities or even bridges, you can count on us to complete work on time and within your budget.

Concrete cutting services in Edmonton are a straightforward project that involves controlled sawing, drilling, and removal of concrete and asphalt using special saws. These special saws allow for improved precision and accuracy. While older methods of concrete cutting relied on jack hammers to break up concrete, newer tools and equipment provide a much cleaner and smoother finish on your concrete, asphalt, or rock. Diamond saws, flat saws, and wire saws are just some of the equipment:

Diamond saws – Fast and precise, needing fewer operators to run; they can cut rebar and other metals

Flat saws – Also known as slab sawing, this saw is used on bridge decks and pavements; used mainly to get to broken pipes and wiring beneath concrete floors

Wire saws – A saw often used when other methods fail, wire saws are used for large jobs; using a cable with tiny diamond segments, the wire saw is put through pulleys powered by a hydraulic drive

When you need to drill a hole in a floor, wall, or ceiling, concrete coring is the best course of action. Concrete coring uses a drilling tool made with a diamond cutting end attached to a steel tube to pierce concrete. The cutting process when completed removes a slug of concrete and leaves a perfect hole with no cosmetic damage to the surrounding area.

The concrete coring equipment needs to be stabilized before operations, which means that the equipment is usually attached to a rig, mounted to the floor or other surface using an anchor or bolt. As a professional concrete coring company in Edmonton, Walser Contracting can provide concrete coring that drills holes at any angle – vertical or horizontal. If you have a sensitive location or confined space that requires core drilling, we can tailor our coring equipment using electric or hydraulic rigs to accommodate your needs.

At Walser Contracting, we are strongly committed to maintaining the environment. Wastewater is a natural part of the concrete cutting process, and we are dedicated to handling it in a conscientious manner. We are capable of recycling our wastewater according to LEED specifications (enabling the client to claim LEED points).

Our experienced contractors can adapt to projects with even the most unusual requirements and specifications. We customize our services to each project’s needs. And because we’ve worked on everything from municipal buildings and commercial plants to simple foundation repairs, you can count on our team’s experience and flexibility.

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No matter what your project needs, you can depend on our knowledge, skill, and accuracy. If you have any questions about civil contracting or concrete cutting services in Edmonton, call us at 780-721-3405. We offer services in both German and English for your convenience.

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  • Edmonton Federal Building
  • Edmonton LRT
  • Edmonton Airport
  • Ice Building at the U of A
  • Lehigh Hanson Cement
  • Edmonton Ice District
  • Hendrix Tower
  • MacEwan University
  • Mayfair Tower
  • Associated Engineering Plaza
  • Norquest College
  • Ledgeview Tower
  • Edgewater Tower
  • Anthony Henday NE Project
  • Fox 1 & 2 Towers
  • Jasper House Condos

When you need a renovation or a complete demolition, call Walser Contracting Ltd. We have access to a wide array of specialized tools and equipment, including chain saws, wire saws, and helicopter construction. We also work hard to stay current with modern techniques and safety standards.


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