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How to Choose a Concrete Cutting & Coring Company

Concrete cutting and coring are two specialized services that involve removal and modification of concrete. Both require experience, expertise and equipment to get the desired result. Make the right choice in who you chose to contract with this guide.

What to look for in an Edmonton Concrete Cutting & Coring Company:

1) Equipment. Make sure the company has the right equipment for the job. Ask what type of equipment they use. Do they use a diamond saw? A wire saw? A concrete wall saw? How old is their equipment? The equipment needs to be in good shape to get a good result

2) Insurance. As with any construction job insurance is a must. Concrete cutting, if done incorrectly, can cost a lot of money to repair. It can also cause collateral damage to anything buried underneath, including pipes. Asking for their liability insurance is a must.

3) Experience. Concrete cutting and coring is a specialty. You do not want to hire a fly by night company to have this done. Look for someone with a lot of experience. Ask them how long they have been in business and what other jobs they have completed.

4) Reputation. Ask for references. Look online at reviews. Good companies do good work and get good reviews. The reverse is also true.

5) Environmental. When cutting concrete, water is used to cool the blades. It creates what is called a slurry which can be environmentally damaging. Ask what their wastewater control process is. Are they recycling it according to LEED specifications?

6) Professionalism. Look for a company who presents a professional appearance. They are more likely to take good care of their equipment and provide better customer service.

7) Safety. Safety is paramount on any jobsite. It affects liability, public perception, timelines and people. It is paramount on any jobsite. Ask what their safety record is and what safety precautions they take.


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