Guide to Concrete Coring


The process of concrete coring explained

Concrete coring or concrete core drilling is the process of removing a concrete cylinder from a structure. Some of the concrete coring applications are utility holes, drainage, maintenance holes, HVAC, and structural testing.

We use concrete core drilling for both diagnostic testing and specific concrete removal.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How does concrete coring work?
  • What are the applications of concrete coring?
  • Why choose Walser Contracting ltd.

How does concrete coring work?

Concrete coring utilizes a diamond cutting drill to cut a perfect round hole in any concrete structure – in a floor, wall, or ceiling. The process is low-noise, dust-free and non-percussive, meaning it is the most popular choice for cutting.

Concrete coring uses a drilling tool made with a diamond cutting end attached to a steel tube to pierce concrete. Holes can be drilled at any angle – whether vertical or horizontal. We can use electric or hydraulic rigs for drilling in sensitive locations or confined spaces.

As the rig drills, we cool the cutter with water to reduce friction. When the cutting process is complete, we remove the slug, leaving a perfect hole with no cosmetic damage or aftercare requirement.

large concrete coring

What are the applications of concrete coring?

There are many applications across various fields, including plumbing, electrical, drainage, HVAC, the creation of vaults and maintenance holes, and structural testing. Most commonly, we core concrete for utility penetrations.

Some examples of concrete coring use:

  • Utility Penetrations
  • Water Pipes
  • Sewer Lines
  • Air Circulation
  • Phone Lines
  • HVAC Openings
  • Computer Lines
  • Aggregate Analysis

Coring is necessary whenever there is a requirement for a hole through concrete or the aggregate needs to be analyzed.

Why Choose Walser Contracting Ltd?

Walser Contracting Ltd. provides what many might consider unique services for interior and exterior concrete coring for commercial and industrial customers in Edmonton and the surrounding area. That is unless you’re in the construction business or have an engineering background. One of the questions owner Michael Podolak gets asked frequently is about Concrete Coring

Walser Contracting Ltd. works hard to stay current with modern techniques and safety standards and is strongly committed to maintaining the environment. Wastewater is a natural part of the concrete cutting process. We dedicate ourselves to handling it conscientiously, recycling our wastewater according to LEED specifications (enabling the client to claim LEED points, adding value to your project).

At Walser Contracting, our experienced industrial contractors have worked on many civil and commercial facilities around the province. They can adapt to projects with even the most unusual requirements and specifications, from municipal buildings and commercial plants to simple foundation repairs.

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