What are the Benefits of Concrete Construction Over Other Materials?

Have you considered concrete construction for your next project? 

Concrete is more affordable and durable than other construction materials. And although it may seem cumbersome to work with at first glance, it surpasses other popular building materials in most residential and commercial use categories.  

Here’s why concrete might be the best choice for your next construction project. 

What are the Benefits of Concrete Construction Over Other Materials?

Concrete is Sustainable

Concrete ranks surprisingly high on the sustainability scale for several reasons. Today, new technology is leading to more carbon-friendly varieties of concrete than ever before. 

Some reasons why concrete construction is a sustainable choice:

  • Its low carbon footprint 
  • No off-gassing 
  • Byproducts and waste are recyclable
  • Used concrete can be recycled and reused 
  • Abundant everywhere
  • Locally produced 
  • Energy-efficient to produce 
  • High thermal mass helps to regulate temperature 

Some concrete varieties produced today have an extremely low carbon footprint and may improve the environment. For instance, photocatalytic concrete captures airborne particulates and reduces pollution levels because of its design. 

Producing cement is also getting more efficient and now emits much less carbon dioxide than ever before.   

Recycling is huge in the cement industry, too. You can recycle cement into roadbeds, parking lots, new construction, city infrastructure, and much more. 

Designs of cement buildings can easily incorporate various green building initiatives with ease — for instance, rooftop gardens, living walls, and photovoltaic cells. 

Concrete is also inexpensive to transport because it’s typically made close to the project site.

Concrete is Highly Durable and Resilient 

No other material surpasses the sheer strength of concrete when it comes to durability. For decades, it is highly versatile in design and can even get stronger over time. 

With concrete, there is no limit to specific types of structural settings or even environments. Concrete construction is a practical choice for any locale or type of project. 

Because it’s so durable, it needs little in the way of maintenance or renovations. There’s also less risk of deterioration because it will not burn or rot. 

Concrete can resist all kinds of weather elements. It’s fire-resistant and can even keep people safe insignificant events like earthquakes and hurricanes. 

When you consider all of these factors alongside energy efficiency, building owners will see cost savings over time. 


Concrete is Safe 

Concrete is a safe material to use for all building purposes. There are no toxic emissions; there’s no possibility of toxic mould, no rust, and little to no dust. Because Of this, it can support healthy indoor air quality. 

The combination of structural integrity and stability means that concrete can protect people from fire and natural disasters like earthquakes. 

Because it is both sounds- and vibration-proof, people living in close quarters will find they have more privacy in buildings with concrete construction.  


Concrete Construction is Energy Efficient

Since concrete has a high ability to store energy for temperature moderation, concrete construction can reduce the need for intensive heating and cooling systems in buildings, leading to cost savings. 

Its high thermal mass means that it can retain energy for long periods, leading to more potential for “passive” heating and cooling in an emergency power loss. 

For paving, concrete construction is also highly efficient compared to asphalt, with much lower emissions during the construction process. The lighter colour of concrete means that it has less of a “heat island” effect.


Concrete Construction is Affordable 

When you consider all the concrete benefits above, it’s no surprise that it all leads to cost savings. 

Durability, resilience, and low maintenance mean that long-term costs will be below. Buildings and other structures should remain stable over time, and even in the face of a disaster. 

For these reasons, concrete buildings are relatively inexpensive to insure as well.

Concrete remains one of the least expensive materials to use in the initial construction phase, leads to cost savings later, and can be used for almost any construction purpose.  

Discover the Benefits of Concrete Construction

We’ve been through plenty of benefits here, but your concrete construction project will have unique features. 

Our experts will be happy to help you with your next project, whether it’s concrete construction, cutting, coring, or demolition. We bring decades of experience and a focus on excellence to every job site.  

If you are looking for an exceptional concrete company in Edmonton, or have questions about an upcoming project, contact Walser Contracting online or call us at 780.721.3405!

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