The Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Welding Service

Would you consider getting a mobile welding service for your next project? 

Metalwork projects that are fixed in place or too heavy to lift require mobile welding. Our team of professionals is there to help in situations where in-house welding is not feasible. 

Here’s what mobile welding is all about and how it can be of benefit to your worksite.  

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What is Mobile Welding?

Mobile welding professionals are essentially contractors who have the right tools and equipment to tackle projects remotely. 

They can handle repairs on steel, copper, and sometimes other materials.

Mobile welding services are frequently called in an emergency need but also used for less urgent repairs are or unusual situations. In addition, they are there for you in cases where it’s either impossible or not feasible for you to go to them.  

An experienced mobile welding professional will offer solution-focused services which go beyond basic repairs. They’ll have equipment ready to get on the road and help with problems quickly, even in remote locations where finding a power source can be challenging. 

A mobile welder will know what tools and equipment each job needs and access state-of-the-art technology for use in the field.  

Alongside this equipment, a mobile welding professional will always have the proper safety and metal prep equipment on hand.

Since they need to tackle various jobs and often quickly, an experienced mobile welder typically has a diverse portfolio and understands how to problem-solve rapidly in multiple scenarios. 

Why Hire a Mobile Welding Service

Mobile welding contractors have specialized equipment and tools suited to make repairs onsite. In addition, our welding experts can tackle all kinds of jobs, including: 

  • Building structures (railings, staircases, gates) 
  • Restaurant equipment 
  • Heavy equipment repairs
  • Trailer jack replacement 
  • Barns
  • Fences
  • Metal cracks and breaks 

Projects may range from tiny one-time repairs to more involved construction tasks.  

Whether you have a big or small job, we have what it takes to get it done right — just let us know what you need, and we’ll be there in an instant! 

How Can Hiring a Mobile Welding Service Help You?

Typically people will hire a mobile welding service for more significant or extensive construction jobs in remote locations where accessibility is an issue. 

However, you can call a mobile welding service for almost any type of welding need. 



Standard repair shops which specialize in metalwork may have limited hours and space. In contrast, a mobile welding service can accommodate your needs both in terms of location and hours. 

There’s no need to lug equipment or pay for expensive transport for heavy machinery; you can let them come to you, even in remote locations. 

Having a mobile welding service in your contact list is an excellent idea in case of an emergency. 

And once you find one you can trust, you can keep their number handy as you move between construction sites. 



Standard metalwork contractors with their own shops sometimes take their sweet time getting every job done. Sometimes there’s a long queue, especially if they have a specific set of in-demand skills or tools. 

But mobile welding contractors are set up to tackle jobs fast. There won’t be any long waits or having to book weeks in advance. As they are working at your site, they can give you 100% of their focus.  

Once they know what’s needed, they can quickly load the tools and equipment and come to you.

Customized Solutions 

Mobile welding professionals are there to help in a wide variety of situations and often have access to state-of-the-art tools and technology. 

When you hire a mobile welding service, you can get them to help you with particular types of tasks onsite. They’ll bring all tools, equipment, and materials to ensure they can complete the job according to specialized needs.

When there’s a last-minute problem onsite, an excellent mobile welder should be able to quickly improvise the best solution while staying in line with the client’s needs and preferences. 


Save Time and Money  

A mobile welding service worth its weight will access the right tools and materials needed to ensure a smooth and fast transport to your location, saving you precious time and energy involved in sourcing and transporting tricky materials. 

An excellent mobile welding service should be prepared to problem-solve and offer customized solutions per your needs.

Mobile Welding Service in Edmonton 

At Walser Contracting, we offer non-structural mobile welding services, and our welders specialize in a full range of metals. 

We will come to your place on time with the necessary tools to tackle even the most challenging projects. 

We can help with almost any type of material and condition, both metal fabrication and repairs.

Our welding contractors are licensed and equipped to meet almost any remote welding need. 

If you need professionals you can trust for your next Edmonton construction project, contact us online or call 780.721.3405 for more information. 

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