What Is Involved in Heavy Industrial Concrete Demolition?

Concrete demolition is necessary for many projects, including small-scale demolition and requirements for more significant sites. When you need expert heavy industrial concrete demolition, it’s helpful to understand what it involves and how it can help you achieve your project’s goals. At Walser Contracting, our experienced team can provide demolition services for a wide range of needs using the best tools. We ensure everything gets completed efficiently and affordably.

Heavy industrial concrete demolition must get done as neatly and safely as possible. When the job is complete, a tidy site must be left to allow for the continuation of the project, whatever it may be. Whether a whole building needs to get taken down or it’s essential to work around a structure that will remain to stand, the work needs to get carried out safely. Take necessary steps to ensure minimal environmental impact, so the project gets completed responsibly and sustainably

When Heavy Industrial
Concrete Demolition
Is Required

Several reasons for heavy industrial concrete demolition include removing a portion of a building or tearing down entire buildings. It is often required for safety reasons when concrete structures are no longer safe or might be necessary as part of a renovation for a building. Additionally, a concrete building or structure could be removed to clear a site entirely and allow it to get used for a different purpose.

Some of the signs that unsafe concrete needs removal:

  • Sunken concrete slabs
  • Deep and widespread cracks
  • Signs of frost heave
  • Spalling and pitting on the surface of the concrete
crack in concrete
concrete being cut with saw

Concrete Demolition Methods and Equipment

Different demolition methods and equipment might get used during heavy industrial concrete demolition. Which methods and tools chosen will depend on the job’s scope and what needs to fulfil the project’s goals. The size of the site and the access available will make a difference in the demolition methods used and which equipment is best to employ.

Two main ways of demolishing concrete include pressure bursting and pneumatic and hydraulic breakers.

Pressure Bursting

Pressure bursting is a good choice when quieter, cleaner, and more controlled concrete demolition is required. There are two options for pressure bursting: mechanical pressure bursting and chemical pressure bursting. Both methods split the concrete, the former using a machine and the latter using an expansive slurry inserted into boreholes. After separating, the concrete can be removed by hand or, in the case of larger pieces, by crane. Pressure bursting helps to reduce noise and dust, allowing for a quieter and cleaner worksite when demolishing concrete structures.

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Breakers

Pneumatic and hydraulic breakers often get used to demolish foundations, paving, and similar structures. There are different sizes of these tools available, which enables them to get used on projects of various sizes. They can feature benefits such as telescoping booms, remote control operation, and even underwater operation. Therefore, they can be a good choice for accessing locations that might be harder to reach.

One of the traditional demolition methods is using a ball and crane, which can be effective. Still, it is not always the best option, as it requires a skilled operator who can aim the wrecking ball correctly to hit its target. The size of the crane and specific access issues may also limit the size of the building that can get demolished.

Other tools used in heavy industrial concrete demolition include saws, water jets, and thermic lances. These tools cut and dismantle concrete so it can be removed as quietly, safely, and discreetly as possible. Water jets help minimize dust, reduce fire risk, and cut straight lines and contours. Thermic lancing can work well in the presence of reinforcing steel and eliminate vibrating and dust problems.

Final thoughts

At Walser Contracting, we have the advantage of working around existing structures with our equipment and techniques. We can ensure the safety of any surrounding elements while completing the task. Our experienced team can handle various challenging projects, offering industrial concrete demolition to meet your needs. Get in touch today to find out more about our services.


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