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Walser Contracting Ltd. is a concrete contractor in Edmonton that was founded in 2006 by owner Michael Podolak. Originally from Kleinwalsertal, Austria, Michael brings to each job the dedication and perfectionism learned through decades of experience. He spent 12 years in the Austrian army and was part of an elite branch in the military that accepted only a few people from each incoming class. During that time, he served on loan to the United Nations for six years, working in several countries, including Yugoslavia, Iraq, Lebanon, and Afghanistan.

After serving in the army, Michael enjoyed a career in helicopter flying. Dedicated to excellence in all things, he quickly set records for efficiency and skill within the profession. Accuracy and reliability are qualities highly valued within the business of helicopter flying, and these same attributes transfer smoothly into construction and concrete contracting.

Know that with every job, Walser Contracting Ltd. and Michael Podolak bring the same attitude towards excellence and skill that they have gained through years of life experience and elite training. Together, our supervisors have over 20 years of industry-specific experience, so you can always count on a job well done.

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    At Walser Contracting, our team of expert concrete contractors have seen thousands of projects over the years, and because of this, we can offer insights that go beyond concrete cutting & coring. Our experience provides us with the knowledge to notify you of logistical or technical challenges related to your cutting & coring requirements that other companies might miss. We take great pride in completing our projects correctly the first time.  We identify any potential problems early on, so they do not affect the completion of the project.

    With an ever-changing industry and the demands of our clients, we are continually adding to our state-of-the-art equipment. We also ensure that our team up to date on the most recent technology and safety programs.

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    Our Training

    Our contracting company in Edmonton employs experienced concrete contractors who use the latest cutting methods and equipment. All employees receive in-house training, and each plays a vital role in keeping our worksites safe and efficient. Our technicians not only keep our worksites safe but also follow LEED regulations for the minimal environmental impact possible. For example:  recycling concrete slurry.

    We have COR certification and have three NCSOs on staff. If you need hoarding, hand railing, or water control, our journeyman carpenter will address these situations.

    Civil Concrete Services in Edmonton

    No matter what your project needs, you can depend on our knowledge, skill, and accuracy. If you have any questions about civil contracting or concrete-cutting services in Edmonton, call us at 780-721-3405. We offer services in both German and English for your convenience.

    Our Civil & Commercial Concrete Projects in Alberta

    If you are looking for an expert concrete contractor for your next project, contact us or call us anytime at 780-721-3405 for a quote!


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