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Walser Contracting has been providing exceptional concrete services in Edmonton and Western Canada since 2006. Walser Contracting understands the demands that businesses face with each project, and our goal is to work closely with our clients in a way that works for their schedule while ensuring that the project is done correctly and on time. Our operators will be on-site for all jobs, fully prepared with the proper equipment needed. To ensure that there are no unexpected issues or delays, we come equipped with backup equipment, ensuring that nothing stands between you and the completion of your project. 

Our preparedness for all concrete services helps set us apart and ensures that we complete your job on time. If there were to be a breakdown, we have the backup resources to maintain our flow of operations on-site without disruption. We take pride in providing this level of reliability to all our clients. Concrete services such as cutting and coring are not just about making the cuts; they are about making those cuts and cores as accurately and efficiently as possible while leaving the job site as clean and organized as it was when we arrived.

We at Walser Contracting dedicate ourselves to being environmentally friendly in all our processes, including demolition contracting. We adhere to LEED regulations and recycle all concrete slurry. We will quickly and efficiently remove waste and debris from your job site to provide a clean slate for beginning construction.

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Walser Contracting has years of expertise in providing concrete services, including cutting and coring services, to clients in Edmonton and Western Canada. We take great pride in our expert workmanship and focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our clients are our top priority, and we always aim for a high-quality finished product that lasts years.

Walser Contracting offers the following concrete services:

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Slurry Control

At Walser Contracting, we are strongly committed to protecting the environment. Wastewater is a natural part of the concrete-cutting process, and we focus on handling it conscientiously. We recycle our wastewater according to LEED specifications (enabling our clients to claim LEED points).

Service Customization

Our experienced contractors can adapt to projects with even the most unusual requirements and specifications. We customize our services to each project’s needs. And because we have worked on everything from municipal buildings and commercial plants to simple foundation repairs, you can count on our team’s experience and flexibility.

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