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Walser Contracting is one of the premier concrete cutting and coring companies in Edmonton and Western Canada. Core drilling is the most efficient and cost-effective way to cut circular holes in concrete. We provide a complete range of core drilling and concrete drilling services. We specialize in commercial & industrial work but also handle residential projects as well.  We take pride in our training as well as our state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to get the job done right and on time.

Concrete tools drill through steel beams, concrete slabs, brick, and concrete walls by design. Our core drills and other cutting equipment are of the highest quality and are well maintained. With Walser Contracting, core drilling is a dust-free process. The concrete drill is cooled with running water to eliminate dust that ensures a cleaner worksite. With wastewater being a part of the concrete coring process, we are committed to dealing with it conscientiously. We recycle our wastewater according to LEED specifications, which also enables our clients to claim LEED points.

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    What should I look for in a concrete coring company?

    Professionalism and cleanliness are probably the most important things. 

    What diameter can Walser Contracting handle?

    Walser can core Any size holes.

    Concrete Coring Services for Western Canada

    When you need to drill a hole in a floor, wall, or ceiling, concrete coring is the best course of action. Concrete coring uses a drilling tool made with a diamond cutting end attached to a steel tube to pierce concrete. The cutting process, when completed, removes a slug of concrete, and leaves a perfect hole with no cosmetic or structural damage to the surrounding area.

    Concrete coring equipment needs to be stabilized before operations, which means that the machine is usually attached to a rig, mounted to the floor or another surface using an anchor or bolt. As a professional concrete coring company in Edmonton, Walser Contracting provides concrete coring services that drills holes at any angle – vertical or horizontal. If you have a sensitive location or confined space that requires core drilling, we can tailor our coring equipment using electric or hydraulic rigs to accommodate your needs.

    When precise, circular diameter cuts are needed; concrete coring is the recommended method.  Concrete coring applications include plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installations. Line drilling is an effective method for removing almost any thickness of concrete when other methods cannot be applied. Concrete core holes are drilled in a series of overlapping holes, allowing us to remove the concrete for one large segment.

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    What Is Core Drilling?

    Core Drilling is a dust-free and quiet option when needing to cut through concrete and steel reinforcing rods with little difficulty. Unlike rotary percussion tools, there are vibrations when using core drilling.   Therefore, reinforcing rods are not loosened and results in no structural damage.  With our concrete coring process, holes can be drilled at any angle needed, whether vertical or horizontal.  At Walser Contracting, we can accommodate drilling in challenging locations or confined spaces with the use of electric or hydraulic rigs.

    Core Drilling is an economical, efficient, and clean process with applications that have changed dramatically in recent years. Specialized equipment enables the drilling of holes up to 48 inches in diameter.  There are several large-scale industrial projects taking place in Edmonton, which require specialized equipment that Walser Contracting has on hand to get the job done right the first time.

    To have your project completed correctly, on time, and on budget, you must hire an expert who not only has the tools to finish the job, but also has vast experience in completing projects on the same scale. Walser Contracting Ltd. meets these criteria.

    If you require any heavy concrete coring services for your project, our team will provide you with the services to achieve your desired results.  We have the knowledge and equipment to deliver quality results, and we’ll work closely with you every step of the way. Whether your project involves steel structures, industrial facilities, or even bridges, you can count on us to complete work on time and within your budget.

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    Typical Concrete Core Drilling Applications Include:

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