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At Walser Contracting, we specialize in Concrete Cutting Services in Edmonton and Western Canada. When dealing with large-scale infrastructure projects, generic equipment and general contracting services will not do. You need an expert who not only has the tools to finish the job but is also knowledgeable and has extensive experience completing projects on the same scale. Walser Contracting Ltd. meets those criteria.

Our team provides reliable solutions if you need heavy concrete-cutting services for your project. We have the knowledge and equipment to deliver quality results, and we’ll treat you professionally throughout the process. Whether your project involves steel structures, industrial facilities, or even bridges, you can count on us to complete work on time and within your budget.

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    How much does concrete cutting cost on average in Edmonton?

    This part is tricky. Many factors can affect the pricing of concrete cutting. Some factors may include winter operations, the hardness of the concrete, steel reinforcement volumes, access to a work area, etc. Unit rates for inch-foot (cutting) and inch-inch (coring) are the usual way to charge concrete cutting and coring operations. 

    What depth of cut can Walser Contracting do?

    Walser can cut concrete to ANY depth. We genuinely believe in our slogan, “Unlimited cutting solutions.”

    Western Canada’s Best Concrete Cutting Company

    Concrete cutting services involve controlled sawing, drilling, and removing concrete and asphalt using special saws. These special saws allow for improved precision and accuracy. While older concrete cutting methods relied on jackhammers to break up concrete, newer tools and equipment provide a much cleaner and smoother finish on your concrete, asphalt, or rock. Diamond saws, flat saws, and wire saws are just some of the equipment that we utilize:

    Diamond Saws – These are fast and precise and require fewer operators to operate; they can cut rebar and other metals.

    Flat Saws – Also known as slab sawing, this saw is used mainly on bridge decks and pavements to access broken pipes and wiring beneath concrete floors.

    Wire Saws – A saw often used when other methods fail. They are used for large jobs and operate using a cable with tiny diamond segments. Pulleys powered by a hydraulic drive run the wire saw.

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    Wall Sawing & Cutting Services in Edmonton

    This process is an efficient solution for precision concrete wall cutting. An experienced, highly trained operator sets up a track by attaching it to the surface of the concrete. Once positioned, the saw head travels vertically or horizontally, depending on the type of job. Our diamond saw blade cuts the concrete in small incremental sections using a series of passes until we reach the required depth. The wall sawing is monitored and controlled by an operator, and they can maintain a safe working environment, cutting the concrete without any undue stress or strain on the structure or equipment.

    Whether inverted, angled, flush cut or conventional, our concrete wall-cutting machines and skilled operators will accommodate most situations. Wall sawing is typically specified to cut precise openings for doorways, ventilation units, windows, egress windows, bulkheads, industrial doors, emergency exits and loading docks.


    Slab Sawing Services Edmonton

    The slab saw is the most commonly used method for efficiently removing or altering concrete. It employs a motor mounted on a rigid frame that is self-propelled and requires only one technician to operate. Also referred to as a flat saw, slab saws cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, and pavement.

    Various power options, including gas, diesel, and electric, allow using a slab saw in almost any location. Gasoline and diesel are the most common options used for outdoor applications. Electric options are available for indoor fume-free service. The electric saw is perfect for use in any location when combined with our self-contained service truck as a power source. By utilizing wet-cut diamond blades up to 66″ diameter, the slab saw can cut dust-free, 30″ deep.

    Slab sawing is a cost-effective and time-saving choice for expansion joints, removing damaged pavement sections, cleaning and repairing random cracks for repair, and isolating slabs to remove concrete sections for demolition purposes.

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