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Whether you are looking to tear down a small portion of a building for a new renovation or looking for a full-scale demolition to start with a clean slate, the experts at Walser Contracting Ltd. will be able to provide you with expert service and top-quality results. Our team has completed demolition projects for a wide array of buildings, and we’ve seen many unique situations. No matter the circumstances, we will be able to complete your demolition project quickly and safely, ensuring that the grounds are well established for your renovation project.

The Right Tools for Any Demolition Project

At Walser Contracting, we have the resources and expertise for jobs of all sizes, from major industrial demolitions to residential renovations. We keep our equipment exceptionally well maintained, and have all have all the tools we need to handle challenging projects. The composition of the building will dictate our methods for demolition, but you can rest assured knowing that we have a plan for any scenario. We have the tools required for metal cutting in the event that we have a large number of pipes and beams to go through, as well as the tools required for cutting and coring concrete.

Responsible Demolition Clean-up

Our team is dedicated to being environmentally friendly in all of our processes, including demolition contracting. We are adherent to LEED regulations and recycle all concrete slurry. We will quickly and efficiently remove waste and debris from your job site to provide a clean slate for beginning construction.

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If you are considering an upcoming project that will require demolition, contact the team at Walser Contracting today! We’d be happy to provide a free quote for any demolition services or subsequent rebuilds.


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