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Walser Contracting provides expert firestopping services in Edmonton and Western Canada. Firestopping can be best explained as sealing any openings to prevent fire, smoke, or heat from passing through multiple building areas. The objective is to contain the spread of a fire by creating fire-resisting compartments, which then subdivide the building vertically and horizontally. Buildings must ensure openings and gaps are fire-stopped to restrict the lateral and vertical fire spread. Whether you want to renovate your current structure or build a new one, our fire-stopping materials will protect it.

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Edmonton Firestop Caulking & Additional Options

Firestopping materials seal construction joints and openings in your structure. When a disaster strikes, these materials slow the spread of destructive substances, including fire, heat, smoke, and toxic or combustible gasses.

Products used to help with firestop are:

Our spray, block, caulk, and other products come from quality suppliers like Hilti. They prevent fire and gases from spreading and enhance the structure’s integrity. It is essential, as fire weakens the entire structure and compromises building joints and other critical construction areas. With our fire-stopping products, we will eliminate these problems.

We use multiple solutions to ensure the safety of your building and its occupants. We know each building has different needs, so we will adapt our products and services to make your building as secure as possible. Rest assured that our Hilti-trained and certified technicians will complete your project correctly.

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Firestopping is just as important as fire detection and prevention if you want to keep your building safe. Smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and other safety mechanisms protect coworkers, loved ones, equipment, and belongings. Add our firestopping solutions to your building to give occupants even more time to exit.

Ultimately, the firestop’s selection and correct installation can save people’s lives. It is imperative to involve qualified parties to ensure adequate firestopping solutions are determined and implemented. All buildings are different, so it is essential to consider this when selecting the proper product and application methods. With variations in construction situations, the firestop solution will also vary, so you need to ensure that you have a professional who understands this and doesn’t just look to repeat the products and process from their last job.

With a wide range of fire protection products now required by building regulations, it can be challenging to understand which ones you need. The direct answer is likely all of them. A functional firestop system happens when a combination of products works together. Without the use of one single product, the rest of the fireproofing system could fail. Our technicians are all Hilti trained, and we can install these products on a small or large scale.

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Make fire protection a priority when constructing or renovating your office, warehouse, or factory. For more information on services or products like firestop caulking in Edmonton, contact us today.

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