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The use of helicopters is growing in popularity within the construction industry. At Walser Contracting, our use of helicopters allows us to quickly and safely transport objects that would be difficult or impossible to move with other means and place them in virtually any location with precision.

A helicopter can be better for lifting many objects on construction sites than an aerial crane. Helicopters can lift various items such as building materials (concrete, wood, steel, brick) or heavy equipment. Using a helicopter allows for work to be completed faster, saving you time and money for labour and accessing virtually any area, even places where an aerial crane cannot go. We can place an item precisely where you need it on a building of any height or remove massive slabs of concrete without disrupting the site.

The helicopter construction process is simple; first, the team must figure out where and how to lift the object. Helicopter lifting depends on the type of object, its weight and size, and whether it is fragile. The object gets rigged with chains or cables, the helicopter will hover over the object, and a team on the ground will secure the object to the aircraft. The ground team will signal or radio the pilot when they are ready and then back away, allowing the pilot to lift the object slowly. The helicopter will fly the object to its destination, and another ground crew will help the pilot place the item in the desired area.

Using a helicopter to lift heavy objects can be a significant benefit to your construction project. It can allow the process to progress efficiently and save you money. Helicopter lift work is a safe and practical way to move virtually any object or material at your construction site so that you can stay on schedule and within your budget! At Walser Contracting, we pride ourselves on the safety of our helicopter construction and the high level of professionalism and training of the pilots and crew.

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