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Welding Services in Edmonton

At Walser Contracting Ltd., we offer non-structural, mobile welding services in Edmonton for the convenience of our clients. Our welders specialize in a full range of metals, and we will weld any type of material in almost any condition.  Depending on the nature of your project, we provide both fabrication and repairs.

We recognize that in some situations, in-house welding simply is not feasible. Most of our projects are fixed in place or are extremely heavy, leaving mobile welding as the only solution.  We are committed to being on-site on time and with all the materials necessary to complete your project. Our professionals have perfected their welding skills and will efficiently meet the demands of our client’s needs. Regardless of location, we will come to you with our fully equipped and loaded trucks. No matter the challenge or scope of the project, we will ensure that it is done on time and within budget.

If you are planning a construction project that will require welding services, trust in Walser Contracting to get the job done.

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Metal Cutting Experts in Edmonton & Western Canada

While a wrecking ball can take care of materials like brick, it does not have quite the same effect on metal.  If you must demolish a factory or decommission a nuclear facility, you will be dealing with extra metal.  Make your project go more smoothly by hiring Walser Contracting as your heavy metal cutting contractors in Edmonton and Western Canada.

Our company has years of experience cutting heavy metal. We use sophisticated tools to cut through copper, steel, and other dense metals.  We offer a wide variety of steel cutting services from structural I-Beams and columns to steel shafts of any diameter.  We have the tools and experience to cut any steel of any size, whether they come in sheets, shafts, electric motors, nozzles, or rebar.  Our specialized diamond wire saws and metal cutting processes provide solutions to execute cuts successfully in any environment while retaining the integrity of the surrounding structure.  

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At Walser Contracting, we understand that each project has different needs. For that reason, we carefully plan and outline our process before work begins. Our vast inventory of tools and equipment allows us to tailor our cutting techniques to your materials, time limit, and available workspace. We can also fabricate custom tools to accommodate unusual situations.

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Structure Steel Fabrication & Installation

With the capability of fabricating and installing structural steel, Walser Contracting can work on even the largest of commercial and industrial buildings.  Always consult an expert when cutting an opening into concrete or masonry walls because the steel structure is required to maintain the integrity of the wall or slab.  Metal structures such as surface-mounted C-Channels, Steel Lintels, and shear beams require an expert approach to ensure the integrity of the structure is not affected.

We involve our engineers to design the steel or work off blueprints provided by the client or contractor. Our Hilti Adhesive Anchor trained technicians can work with through-bolting systems or adhesive anchor systems.  If you are planning a construction project that will require structural steel, you can trust in Walser Contracting for all your fabrication and installation needs.

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We provide expert concrete advice, services, and solutions for complex construction challenges in Edmonton and Western Canada. For expert concrete services in Western Canada, call us anytime at 780.721.3405 for a quote!

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