Concrete Milling in Edmonton

When looking for concrete milling in Edmonton and Western Canada, Walser Contracting is your top choice! The process for concrete floor preparation is never an easy one. Numerous different methods go into making a portion of concrete or pavement look great.  Other equipment types are necessary to give the concrete a brand new appearance that makes it stand out. It’s not like writing with a pencil, where to remove what was written, one needs to erase what was on the paper and start writing again.  Surprisingly though, the same concept applies.

Concrete milling removes a layer of concrete or asphalt from a road, bridge, or parking, preparing it for resurfacing. Sometimes the milling process is preferable over repaving the concrete or diamond grinding or scarifying the concrete down to the desired surface quality and smoothness.

Our milling service is not only for concrete surfaces but also asphalt and rock.  We have also used the service for winter trench digging, where this tool allows us to mill our way through four to five feet below the surface and into the frost.  We also have mini robotics to mill debris out of pipes and conduits 70 mm diameter and larger.

What is Concrete Milling?

Concrete milling is the controlled removal of an asphalt or concrete surface.  We complete the removal as either a partial or full-depth application.  When milling at partial depth, the resulting textured pavement can be used immediately as a driving surface.

Good for Recycling

A significant benefit of concrete milling is that milled concrete can be recycled and ground up as the aggregate for the new pavement placed on top of the old layer. The same applies during the milling of asphalt surfaces. Resurfacing is more environmentally friendly.

Concrete Miller
Five Classes of Concrete Milling

When it comes to concrete milling, there are five different classes.

If you need to remove or reclaim a concrete surface, give Walser Contracting a call to determine your best course of action.


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