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Walser Contracting provides expert foundation repair to homes in Edmonton and Western Canada. Finding the right contractor to complete work on your home is sometimes challenging, but Walser is here to help. Our highly trained operators bring the skills they have developed while working on large commercial and industrial jobs to ensure your residential project will be done correctly and on time.

We specialize in major residential renovation projects, including:

    Basement Window

    If you are looking to cut a basement window in new construction or make one of your basement windows larger, Walser Contracting can do the job! 


    Basement Entrances

    Whether you are considering enlarging an existing basement entrance or creating a new entry to gain access for a rental opportunity, give us a call, and we will get you an estimate.


    Foundation Repair

    When dealing with issues with your home’s foundation, you must work with experienced professionals. Always ask for your contractors’ credentials.


    Removal of Structural Walls

    Major renovations can be painful undertakings that involve removing structural barriers. In these circumstances, we will assess the situation and, as per engineering requirements, remove the structural wall in question.


    General Demolitions

    The removal of a pool, retaining wall, or other large concrete structures. 


    General Contracting and Project Management

    If you are looking to update your home, improve its functionality, or fix a major structural issue, there is no service better than Walser Contracting Ltd.

    Call us anytime at 780.721.3405 for a quote for your foundation repair!


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