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Walser Contracting is an expert Concrete Sandblasting company in Edmonton and Western Canada. Sandblasting is now the accepted surface preparation method for cleaning large concrete areas, metal or other surfaces. Sandblasting is a smart option because it is efficient and provides the highest cleaning and profiling of the surface. Sandblasting is a swift surface preparation process, especially when compared to hand or power tool preparation.

In addition to removing rust, mill scale, excessive paint buildup or other contamination, sandblasting creates a roughened surface for any new coating system to adhere to. Ultimately, sandblasting provides the easiest and best method for renewing surfaces.

When it comes to sandblasting, you can treat many surfaces; some include:

Whether you need rust removed from a metal surface or a large concrete surface in a warehouse restored, Walser Contracting will get the job done.

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    Concrete Sandblasting Services for Western Canada

    Walser Contracting is an expert concrete sandblasting company in Edmonton and Western Canada. Concrete sandblasting assists with surface cleaning and stripping, which can be a challenging and painful process. Our specialized machine uses high-pressure air with abrasive media, increasing the abrasive material’s mass and velocity. We can clean, strip, and prep various surfaces more thoroughly and promptly. Along with getting the job done faster, our service is eco-friendly, complying with all environmental regulations. If you are looking for a professional company specializing in concrete sandblasting services for Western Canada, look no further than Walser Contracting.

    Why Concrete Sandblasting?


    Over time, general wear and tear cause an inconsistency in the stone-to-cement ratio of concrete. We can often attribute this result to under-exposed aggregate. From concrete walls and columns to driveways and floors and removing paint from concrete, sandblasting is one of the most effective ways to restore your concrete for a non-slip and coating-free finish.

    Sandblasting concrete is typically required when stones are beneath the top layer of the cement. The restored surface should see stones exposed to achieve a rough texture and an even ratio of cement and stone. The abrasive material travels at a high velocity during sandblasting, generating friction on the treated concrete surface.

    Restoring a concrete surface to its original condition also requires specific procedures and equipment because the degree of blasting depends on the concrete’s current state. While individual sections of the concrete surface may require light cleaning, other parts may require more aggressive, deep cutting to achieve the desired textured concrete finishes.

    We can use any abrasive blasting tool for light blasting; however, with control over the equipment media and pressure, our sandblasting equipment can produce a range of cut depths to the concrete in question.

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