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To Whom it May Concern:
Our letter is on behalf of the working relationship between Canada Crane services (Sarens North America) and Walser Contracting.

During our relationship with Walser we have performed work at locations around the Edmonton area, as well as estimating work in locations across western Canada with a joint venture approach. We have always found Mike Podolak to be extremely knowledgeable in his field and more than capable of adapting to customer’s requests or concerns. We also admire Mike’s foresight to acquire equipment that stands alone in his industry to help push their company to the next level. This, combined with Walser’s professional “get it done right” attitude has created an extremely professional and reliable company that will surely continue with its growth and service capabilities.

In closing, Canada Crane commends Walser for their vision and look extremely forward to working with Walser in the coming years as we grow and expand our projects together, and would like to thank Mike Podolak for the projects we have done to date.

Mark Danderfer

Operations & Project Manager, Canada Crane Services Ltd.

To Whom it May Concern:
We had a challenging demolition project that encompassed removing a reinforced concrete structure that was built above a catwalk pedway system. The system linked the ground level to a 2 storey pedway system. We needed to provide access between the lower ground level access ramp down to the third level access ramp due to having the owner requiring movement of materials and we needed to keep it operational.

We worked with Walser Contracting Ltd. to provide a team solution in order to remove the concrete structure. The size and complexity of the project demanded full cooperation and communication along with a detailed work plan in order to do this safely and keep a tight schedule. Once we began cutting the concrete structural pieces, work could not stop until the piece was completely cut free, as we had the concrete pieces slated for removal connected to a 450 ton hydraulic crane.

The structure was just over 222 m2 and comprised of large reinforced beams which weighed in excess of 38 MT each and comprised of sloped structural walls, roof that created a challenge for all contractors involved.

We began demolition the third week in June and were completed in mid-August and was completed as per our coordinated plan and schedule; in fact we beat our anticipated demolition schedule by a week due to the work of all trades, but in particular Walser Contracting Ltd.

The total concrete weight removed was just under 200 Metric tons of concrete and reinforcing, was crushed and demolished on site and sent for recycling.

Without the expertise that Walser Contracting Ltd. showed throughout this process with the equipment and employees who were dedicated enough to take on this challenging process, we do not anticipate that it would have been as successful as it was. We would recommend Walser Contracting Ltd. to any firm looking to execute a challenging concrete demolition package.

Steve Specht

C.E.T. / Project Manager, Clark Builders


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